TL-Audio - FatTrack

2/10/2 Tube Production Suite

Designed to be the centrepiece of any home, project or professional studio, this unit combines some of the best-loved TL Audio features into one compact and professional unit, adding warmth and sonic pleasure to all recordings and mixes. Drawing on our larger and highly acclaimed M series consoles, the Fat Track offers you that unrivalled big desk sound in a more compact, intuitive and affordable package..

The Fat Track can capture your recordings with two premium TL Audio tube preamps as used on our M Series consoles contained within two fully featured channel strips with 3 band swept musical EQ taken from our M1 console. Use the Fat Track for summing and mix-down also, with 4 stereo and two mono returns. You will immediately become aware of the richness and clarity of sound you gain when summing your audio analogue via the Fat Track. You can even bring your entire mix back via the 2 mono channels to add some EQ or final warmth, patch in a compressor to the master inserts and suddenly you have a complete mastering solution too!

The monitor section also comes packed with features, including, separate return solo and selection buttons, effects return, alternative loudspeaker mode, loudspeaker mute, and 2 headphone outputs with individual rotary control. Headphone output 1 (producer) also follows your selections in the master section, whilst headphone output 2 (artist), stays fixed on the stereo bus.

The multitude of inputs and outputs available within easy reach on the top panel makes for a flexible and intuitive workstation where quick cable changes are made easy. Space for fitting a TL Audio DO-8 ADAT interface is also provided allowing easy digital connectivity.

Designed for the producer, musician, singer/songwriter, engineer or general enthusiast, this product caters for every requirement, is easy to use and produces fantastic, professional results.

Main Features:

  • Mic, Line and Instrument inputs
  • 3 band swept EQ on input channels
  • 2 tube stages
  • Balanced insert points on channels and master
  • Effects send / return
  • Phantom power, 30db pad, phase reverse.
  • 4 stereo returns (DAW / tape returns) switchable +4 / -10
  • 2 Headphone outputs with independent level control
  • Alternative loudspeaker mode
  • Main volume large knob control
  • Balanced I/O +4 / -10
  • Compatible with DO-8 ADAT interface
  • Dimensions:
  • Width = 383mm
  • Depth Top Plate = 280mm
  • Depth Side = 300mm (+ Transformer at Rear = 45mm)
  • Height Back = 143mm
  • Height Front = 83mm (+ Feet = 10mm)


2 Input Channels (figures quoted to Direct Outputs with Fader at maximum):
Line Input: Balanced, via 3 pin TRS jack.
  Nominal Level +4dBu, Gain range +/-20dB.
  Frequency Response 10Hz to 40KHz, +/-0.4dB.
  Maximum Input Level +22dBu.
  Noise -83dBu unweighted, 22Hz to 22KHz.
Mic Input: Balanced, via 3 pin XLR.
  Gain range +16dB to +60dB (-14dB to +30dB with pad).
  Input Noise (EIN) -127dBu, 22Hz to 22KHz @ 60dB gain, 150R.
  Frequency Response 10Hz to 40KHz, +/-0.5dB, @ 40dB gain.
  Maximum Input Level +6dBu (+36dBu with pad).
  Switchable 48V Phantom Power.
Instrument Input: Unbalanced 0.25” jack.
  Nominal input -16dBu, Gain range +/-20dB.
  Maximum Input Level +8dBu.
  Frequency Response 10Hz to 40KHz, +/-0.5dB.
  Noise -83dBu unweighted, 22Hz to 22KHz.
Direct Output: Post EQ and Fader, Pre Mute Switch.
  Balanced, via 3 pin TRS jack.
  Nominal Level +4dBu.
  Maximum Level +22dBu.
All Inputs: Phase Reverse Switch.
  Switchable High Pass Filter, -3dB @ 90Hz, 2nd order.
Equaliser: “High” +/-15dB @ 10KHz.
  “Mid” +/-15dB, swept 150Hz to 7KHz, Q =0.7.
  “Low”+/-15dB @ 80Hz.
Tube Stage: Pre EQ.
Drive LED: Variable intensity, from 0dBu to +12dBu, indicating increasing
  Tube drive. Distortion is predominately 2nd Harmonic, increasing
  with Drive LED from 0.5% to 3% (typical).
Peak LED: Illuminates at +19dBu.
  Multiple point monitoring at Input stage and post EQ.
Insertion Point: Post EQ, Pre Fader.
  Semi-balanced Send, balanced Return, on separate 3 pin TRS jacks.
  Bypass switch.
  Nominal Level -2.7dBu.
FX Send: Post EQ, Fader and Mute switch.
  Variable send level.
Routing: To Main L+R stereo mix, via pan pot (-3dB at centre) and mute
Four 2-Track Returns:  
Fader: Rotary, 0dB maximum gain.
Inputs: Balanced, via 3 pin TRS jacks.
  Nominal Level individually switchable +4dBu/-10dBu.
  Maximum Input Level +22dBu.
Routing: To Main L+R stereo mix, via Fader and routing switch.
Main Outputs:  
Fader: Rotary, +10dB maximum gain.
Tube Stage: Post Mix Amps.
XLR Outputs: Balanced, nominal level +4dBu.
  Maximum level +26dBu.
  Noise, all faders @ 0dB, -80dBu, 22Hz to 22KHz.
  Noise, Main Fader @ minimum, -95dBu, 22Hz to 22KHz.
Jack Outputs: Unbalanced, nominal level -10dBu.
Tape Output: Combined TRS jack, nominal level -16dBu.
Inserion Point: Pre Fader.
  Semi-balanced Send, balanced Return, on separate 3 pin TRS jacks.
  Bypass switch.
  Nominal Level -2.7dBu.
FX Send:  
Output: Mono, semi-balanced, via 3 pin TRS jack.
  Nominal level -6dBu.
  Noise -87dBu, channel sends @ maximum.
  Noise -100dBu, channel sends @ minimum.
FX Returns:  
Inputs: Stereo, Right Input normalled to Left Input for Mono compatibity.
  Balanced, via 3 pin TRS jacks.
  Nominal level +4dBu.
  Maximum Input Level +22dBu.
Source: Normally follows Main Output, overridden by 2-Track AFL
  Level controlled by large diameter knob.
  Main / Alt LS switch.
  LS Mute switch.
LS Outputs: Main and Alt LS, balanced on 3 pin TRS jacks.
  Nominal Level +4dBu.
  Maximum Level +26dBu.
  Noise -80dBu, all faders @ 0dB.
  Noise -100dBu, Monitor Fader @ minimum or LS muted.
Phones Outputs: 2 stereo outputs, with separate level controls.
  Phones 1 follow Monitor selection, for Engineer/Producer.
  Phones 2 follow Main Output at all times, for Artist.
  3 pin TRS jacks.
  Minimum Impedance 32 ohms.
Digital I/O: Optional DO-8/Firewire cards available, to fit slot on rear panel.
Dimensions: 381mm W x 330mm D x 150mm H. (15” x 13” x 6” approx).
Power Requirements:  
Voltage: 230V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz, internally wired.
Consumption: 37VA, without digital I/O.
  41VA, with DO-8 option fitted.
Semi-balanced outputs on 3 pin TRS jacks are wired as:  
  Tip = Signal +, Ring = Signal 0V Ref, Sleeve = GND.
Following equipment should be wired as:  
  Tip = Signal +, Ring = Signal -, Sleeve = GND (balanced),
  Tip = Signal +, Ring = no connection, Sleeve = GND (unbalanced).
These specifications are typical figures, subject to normal production tolerances. They do not represent guaranteed limits for any particular piece of equipment. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
FatTrack user manual
TL_Audio_FatTrack_manual.pdf (2012/09/10)