TL-Audio - 5060

Single Channel Tube Mic Preamp and two channel compressor

The TL Audio 5060 is the latest product to join the acclaimed Ivory 2 series. Using the same high quality discrete microphone preamp as other Ivory 2 products the 5060 also has stereo line level or stereo instrument inputs. The 5060 is equally versatile as a “front-end?tracking device or as the final stage mixdown or mastering compressor. One set of controls operates both the channels for quick and easy setup. The compressor section has 15 expertly programmed presets designed to work with a typical selection of vocal and instrumental sources as well as a manual mode for self adjustment of the compressor. The output section includes a “Fat EQ?switch for adding some “presence?or “weight?to your signal. 

As with all the mono or stereo Ivory 2 units it is possible to fit the optional D0-2 converter card into the 5060 for premium quality 24-bit SPDIF analogue to digital conversion. This allows you to connect to your Hard Disc Recorder, Mixer or Soundcard in either an analogue or digital format. 

The combination of flexibility, ease of use and the renowned warmth of the TL Audio valve circuit design makes the 5060 unbeatable for value and performance.

  • Valve preamp stage with mic, line and front panel instrument inputs
  • Compressor with 15 presets and a manual mode with user adjustable controls
  • Hi-pass 90Hz filter on the input stage with “Fat EQ?contour at the output stage
  • VU metering of output level, output level +10dB and compressor gain reduction
  • One set of controls for mono or stereo use
  • Automatic linking for stereo signals
  • Preamp: Input Gain +16 to +60dB (mic input), -20 to +20dB (line input)
  • Compressor: Threshold: +10 to ?0dB, Ratio: 1:1.5 to 1:30, Attack: 0.5 or 5ms, Release: 0.2 or 1.5s, Gain Make Up: 0 to +20dB, Fat EQ +2dB @ 50Hz, -0.9dB @ 720Hz, +1.8dB @ 10kHz
  • Master Section Output Gain: -?to +15dB
  • PSU: Internally adjustable for 230V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz operation
  • Typical Consumption: 30VA
  • Dimensions: W: 483 x H: 88 x D: 200mm (2U 19" rack mounting)
  • Shipping Weight 6kg
5060 user manual
TL_Audio_5060_Manual.pdf (2012/08/27)