TL-Audio - 5050

Mono valve Preamp & Compressor

The Ivory 5050 came directly from user requests for a simple yet great sounding valve front end and boasts the winning combination of a mic/line/instrument preamp and mono compressor: making it the most cost-effective way of processing your sources. The new 5050 now features extras including a 30dB pad, hard/soft knee compression modes, a fully balanced line output and an optional digital output.

The 5050 features two valve stages, one in the preamp circuit, and one in the gain control element of the compressor.
These Sovtek valve stages are run from a stabilised 150V DC power supply.
So whether it's your best microphone, your vintage Strat or your latest sample, don't trust it with anything less than the TL Audio 5050.

  • NEW Preamp stage provides variable Input Gain, +48V, 90Hz filter and 30dB pad
  • Compressor section with control of Threshold, Ratio, Gain Make-Up and Bypass
  • Attack time switchable between 'Fast' (0.5mS) and 'Slow' (20mS)
  • Release time switchable between 'Fast' (40mS) and 'Slow' (2S)
  • Automatic "Hold" facility reduces LF compressor distortion
  • NEW Hard/soft knee compression modes
  • Output fader permits complete attenuation through to +15dB of extra output gain
  • Two 8 segment LED meters provide indication of output level & gain reduction
  • Front panel instrument DI input
  • Balanced XLR mic input
  • NEW Balanced line input/output on jack connectors
      • Mic Input: Mic Noise (EIN): -127dBu (150 ohm source, 22Hz to 22kHz)
      • Balanced Line Input: Maximum level: +26dBu
      • Balanced Line Output: Maximum level: +26dBu
      • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 40kHz, +0, -1dB
      • Noise: -80dBu (22Hz to 22kHz)
      • Dynamic Range: 100dB (Line input @ 0dB gain)
      • Power Supply: Consumption: 20VA
      • Dimensions: 483 x 200 x 88mm
      • Shipping Weight: 6kg


          (The above specifications are subject to change without notice)
      5050 User manual
      TL_Audio_5050_Mk-2_Manual.pdf (2012/08/27)