RØDE VideoMic SoundField makes TOP 10 of National TV show “Australia By Design Innovation”

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Australia By Design Innovation is a brand-new television series airing on Australian television networks TEN and ONE, from this week. The series features six episodes, each half an hour long, and showcases 40 of the best innovations and designs drawn from the thousands of entries for the Australian Good Design Awards.

RØDE’s all new 360-surround sound microphone, the VideoMic SoundField is one of the 40 products featured in the competition. In Episode 3, aired last Saturday, the VMSF secured it’s place in the Top 10.

Judge Ben Cooper (from design firm Tricky Jigsaw) said of the VideoMic Soundfield, “We are moving further and further into AI and VR, getting closer to the experience. If the sound is not right, it’s not going to point you in the right direction. With the VideoMic SoundField, you are going to control the narrative.”

Announced at the Las Vegas RØDESHOW 2017, the VideoMic SoundField is due for release in early 2018. The microphone’s tetrahedral array and A-format/B-format capability is showcased with a recording of a barbershop quartet in the RØDE anechoic chamber in Episode 3.

Hosted by architect Tim Horton and copresented by Good Design Australia CEO, Dr. Brandon Gien and Terri Winter (Founder, Top3 by Design) each episode features eight different innovations, from which a top 10 will be chosen for episode six. The show’s expert panel of judges will then decide which innovation is most worthy to be titled Australia’s Innovation of the Year.

Check out AustraliaByDesign.com.au for more details.