RØDE Shockmounts receive Rycote Lyre Upgrade

RØDE Microphones is excited to announce an upgrade to some of its most popular accessories with the addition of the Rycote® Lyre® suspension system, in the new SM3-R, SM4-R, PG2-R and PG2-R Pro Cable.

The SM3-R camera shoe shockmount, and SM4-R boompole/microphone stand shockmount now feature a dual Rycote® Lyre® suspension system, with four possible mounting points for the Lyres, making them compatible with the entire range of short RØDE pencil condenser microphones, or longer RØDE shotgun Microphones.



The PG2-R pistol grip has also received the same Rycote® Lyre® update, as well as a newly designed lightweight handle that delivers improvements in ergonomics and functionality.

PG2-R Pro Cable. Featuring a strain relief junction box that will clip into the cable management system, the PG2-R Pro Cable provides a de-coupled audio connection between the recording device and microphone for maximum isolation, similar to the cable supplied with the Blimp suspension system. The PG2-R Pro Cable is compatible with all newly announced shockmounts.