Millennia - HODE

HV-3D output expansion card. Allow three output for every input. The additional outputs are on DB-25 connectors with a set of eight channels on each DB-25
HDOE and HROE HV-3D/HV-3R Analog Output Expansion Options
  • Provides TWO additional fully-buffered analog outputs per channel (total three outputs per channel
  • Laser-trimmed FET-based output stage has 32 dB headroom: drives 1000 foot (300 m) cable runs with ease
  • Output Expander Options have identical circuits as the Preamp main outputs
  • DB25 Connectors that conform to the Tascam wiring standard
  • 13.5 dB of attenuation available on each set of 8 outputs - use to create safety tracks for wide dynamic sources that may overload converters downstream
  • All HV-3D/HV-3R units can have the option installed