HV-3R Analog to Digital Convertor option, AES output on DB25, 24bit 96kHz
AD-D96 and AD-R96 Analog to Digital Converter Options
  • Eight channels of A/D Conversion
  • 24-bit 96 kHz eight-channel AES format converter
  • Internal/External Clocking with AES or Wordclock in/out on BNC connecters
  • DB25 Connector that conforms to the Tascam wiring standard  
  • -18dBFS reference level
  • All HV-3D/HV-3R units can have the option installed
Dynamic Range  

mic preamp plus A/D Converter

> 110dB
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise  

mic preamp plus A/D Converter

< .001%,
Frequency Response  

44.1 kHz
48 kHz
88.2 kHz
96 kHz

-0.5 dB @ 4Hz and 21.5kHz
-0.5 dB @ 4Hz and 23.4kHz
-0.5 dB @ 4hZ and 42.0kHz
-0.5 dB @ 4Hz and 46.8kHz

Full Scale Output Level
+22 dBu
Common Mode Rejection Ratio  Better than analog stage


IMD SMPTE 4:1 60 Hz, 7kHz  <.003%
Interchannel Crosstalk  

20 kHz @ 45 dB gain and Full Scale Output

-88 dB

Maximum Non-harmonic Spurious Tones

Better than -140 dB

Intrinsic Jitter
20Hz-20kHz @ 48kHz 50 pS RMS typical


12/Fs for single speed 
9/Fs for double speed

0.25ms at 48kHz

0.09ms at 96kHz

External Clock Lock Range

32-96 kHz
ADR25 DB25 pin-out
Millennia_ADR96_DB25_Pin-outs.pdf (2012/09/23)