Free PRM1 Microphone when you buy any StudioLive AI console or RM-series mixer

Great news from Presonus! Rational Acoustics’ SMAART is now included with StudioLive AI consoles and will be coming to RM-series mixers via a free update to Universal Control coming later this month. To celebrate, we’ve decided to give away a free PreSonus PRM-1 measurement microphone. All you have to do is buy any StudioLive AI console or RM-series mixer before July 31, 2015, send us the proof of purchase and fill out the little form linked below, and we’ll hook you up with the PRM-1, a $99 value. This offer is available worldwide.

In case you didn’t know, SMAART is a technology that allows a StudioLive user to measure acoustic properties of a room that may be troublesome during a live performance and compensate for them—before the show has even started. For example, some boxy rooms can be responsible for a boomy, indistinct low end during concerts. A little bit of preventative SMAART will keep this from happening. You’re also able to notch out feedback, phase-align speakers, and much more.

So, what’s so great about the PRM-1? Well, for starters, it’s the optimal microphone to use for room measurement with SMAART, as it boasts a flat frequency response and narrow dynamic range. As such, the PRM-1 is not recommend for traditional studio recording, but this makes the PRM-1 shine as an analytic tool, as it’s optimized to respond accurately to test signals like pink noise. (Joe Meek fans are still welcome to go nuts with it.) Just shoot a room with test noise, while the PRM-1 is listening. SMAART compares the noise coming in from the PRM-1 and compares it to the original noise waveform. Discrepancies between the two are artifacts of the room’s acoustics—which can then be used by SMAART to make EQ and alignment tweaks. Pair the PRM-1 with the StudioLive AI Mixers and SMAART. 

You’ll be able to achieve wondrous feats of techno-wizardry in the venues where your work. And it will sound so good, you might even drum up some repeat business. 

Get the .PDF form for this offer by clicking here.

Note: please e-mail the attached form to Presonus and