The first major firmware update for the Wireless GO II is now available.

The first major firmware update for the Wireless GO II is now available. This update introduces a number of new features that users have been asking for.

First and foremost, it introduces the ability to use the on-board recording function without the need for the transmitter to be connected to the receiver, essentially turning the Wireless GO II into a super-compact field recorder.

This is perfect for users wanting to record an interview, capture foley sounds on the fly, or simply record voice memos while on a shoot. This will now become the default recording mode when the Wireless GO II is updated to the latest firmware via RØDE Central. 

Additional new features include:

  • Low Sensitivity Mode (input pad) for the transmitters
  • LED brightness adjustment for the transmitters
  • Ability to change the functionality of the transmitter power button to either mute the input, drop a marker into the on-board recording, or deactivate the button. 

New On-board Recording Modes Explained 

There are now three different on-board recording modes to choose from. These can be toggled via RØDE Central:

'Always' Recording mode: When this mode is activated, the transmitter will start recording audio as soon as it is switched on. It will continue recording until it is switched off, regardless of the status of the receiver. This means that you will have a continuous recording from the moment the transmitter is switched on, making this mode suitable for using the Wireless GO II as a standalone field recorder. Note that in this mode, the ‘mute’ function will not affect the on-board recording (although it will still mute the wireless transmission).

'Backup' Recording mode: When this mode is activated, the transmitter will start recording audio when it connects to the receiver. When the receiver is switched off, the recording will stop. This means that if the signal drops out at any time or if you forget to hit record on your device, you will still have a backup recording for the period that the wireless connection was active.

'Off': Switching off the recording function means the transmitter will not record any audio. Existing recordings will remain on the unit until manually deleted using RØDE Central.    

Keep an eye on the Wireless GO II Learning Hub for the most up-to-date information.


RØDE Central

RØDE Central is the companion app for the Wireless GO II that allows users to unlock advanced features, set up device preferences, access, optimize and export recordings, and update to the latest firmware. It’s free to download for Mac and Windows.

The latest version of RØDE Central, which allows users to access the new features listed above, is now available to download. 

This has been deployed to the Wireless GO II product page, so please encourage users to download the new version and update their firmware.