FATMAN - Fat Funker

Guitar/Bass Front End Processor

The 'Fat Funker' has been designed as the perfect tube front end for the funkiest of guitarists. Created for live and studio use, this product is able to add that special something to your sound. Whether used in a small rig before your amp or in a large gig feeding the output to front of house, with six valve stages, the Fat Funker is sure to fatten up your sound by delivering depth, warmth and clarity. It is also ideal for the home and project studio - and with the optional DO-2 digital output card, interfacing is easy! This product is the result of feedback and demand from customers, industry professionals and leading musicians. Get ready, because the Fat Funker is sure to deliver a sound that is as 'Fat as funk!

  • Fatten up your sound by delivering depth, warmth and clarity
  • Tube preamp stage with input gain control
  • Front panel guitar input Balanced XLR input on rear
  • 4 band EQ with wider Q settings in the Low Mid section to add depth and prevent problem frequencies emerging
  • 30dB pad and 48V phantom power
  • 90Hz High pass filter
  • Line inputs selectable to take -10dB to +4dB (unbalanced) and +4dB to +18dB (balanced)
  • Optical gate with variable threshold (10dB – off)
  • Sidechain insert point
  • Variable compressor with switchable attack (05 – 40ms) and release (40ms - 4s) times
  • Hard and soft knee mode
  • 'EQ pre' switch to allow the EQ section to be placed in front of the compressor within the signal chain
  • 3 twin triode valves (ECC83/12AX7A) running from a stabilized 150V dc power supply, providing 6 valve stages
  • VU metering and drive and peak LED's
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Can be used with lead, electro acoustic and bass guitars