Download the latest software for RØDECaster Pro

Get the most from your RØDECaster Pro by downloading the latest feature updates and PC app.

The zip file download contains two applications:

  • The RØDECaster Pro PC app, which allows you to easily add sounds and customise the pads on your RØDECaster Pro
  • The RØDE firmware updater, which keeps your RØDECaster Pro up to date with the latest features and updates

The software is available for both Windows and Mac. Download version 1.1.2 here. The install package also includes an updated version of the companion app; you must install this app for use with software versions 1.1.0 and later.

Version 1.1.2 firmware is an incremental release to version 1.1.0 delivering stability improvements and bug fixes. New features that were introduced in Version 1.1.0 include:

  • Multitrack output to USB
  • Ability to remove audio processing from multitrack outputs, while it remains on main stereo mix
  • Colour coded microphone channels
  • Pulsing record button to indicate when the unit is armed to record
  • Updated menu layout

Download at Rode